Sussex Fishing Trips





By David Elliott

Colin’s crew booked up a Sussex fishing trip on the Newhaven Ocean Warrior 3.
They all had a good day while on their Sussex fishing trip on the deep water wrecks. Colin and his mate had 2 nice double figured Pollock on the first drift. They also caught plenty of Cod, Pollock and one nice Bass showed up for them, while they were out on their Sussex fishing trip.  Colin had the biggest Cod of the day which weighed 15lb.
With plenty of Cod and Pollock under their belts, we decided to try a new bit of Turbot ground. We managed to then find some nice Turbot and Brill, along with a Monkfish of which we hardly ever see while we are on our  Sussex fishing trips. We had good weather, good fishing and some good company – great day all round.

If you fancy booking up a Sussex fishing trip, call David on 07966 377145 or visit our Facebook page ‘Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3 Fishing’.


South Coast Pollock Fishing





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By David Elliott

There are still some nice sized Pollock coming off the wrecks off the South Coast of Newhaven.

The anglers have been using ‘rhubarb and custard’ sidewinder lures.

If you fancy a trip out, call Dave on  07966 377145 or visit for available dates.

Bass Fishing off Newhaven





By David Elliott

Paul Dennis the editor of Total Sea Fishing Magazine came out last week on a Pollock fishing trip.

He caught this nice Bass.  With the new fishing regulations, this Bass was returned back to sea alive to conserve stocks.

You can also join us on Facebook under Newhaven Ocean Warrior 3 Fishing for additional pictures and video clips.


Newhaven Charter Fishing


By David Elliott


Newhaven Charter Fishing on Ocean Warrior 3, based on the South Coast of England.


We can offer you a day out Newhaven Charter Fishing on the inshore ground marks during this time of year for big Pollock and Cod.


Ocean Warrior 3 can offer Newhaven Charter Fishing trips all year round.  Individuals or full boat bookings are welcome.  Even if you are inexperienced you are welcome as tuition can be provided if needed.  We also have rod hire available on board for our Newhaven Charter Fishing trips, so that you can just turn up and fish.


David Elliott is the owner of Ocean Warrior 3 and with over 25 years experience is here to help you get the most out of your Newhaven Charter Fishing trip throughout the English Channel.


Ocean Warrior 3 is a 38ft Aquastar with twin 250hp diesel engines.  We are fully licenced and insured for our anglers and regularly go out on Newhaven Charter Fishing trips.


Newhaven Marina can also provide free parking for the day of your Newhaven Charter Fishing trip.  There is also a cafe/bakery for breakfast and also a convenience shop and tackle shop if needed prior to your trip.


During your Newhaven Charter Fishing trip, depending on the time of year, you can expect; throughout the winter months: inshore fishing for Cod and Whiting on our Newhaven Charter Fishing Trips.  Once February comes around, we will start to fish the wrecks for Cod and Pollock until September.  But, we also catch Turbot and Conger during the summer months on our Newhaven Charter Fishing trips.


For more information, check out our main website if you fancy a day out on a Newhaven Charter Fishing trip.  You can also visit the website for current prices and available dates on our calendar.  You can also contact David on 07966 377145 or also follow us on Facebook under ‘Newhaven Ocean Warrior 3’.



South Coast Winter Cod Fishing


20150628_094312 (350x197)

By David Elliott

South Coast Winter Cod Fishing on board Ocean Warrior 3, based in Newhaven Marina, East Sussex.

We have been catching some nice sized Winter Cod on our South Coast Winter Cod Fishing trips lately with Cod up to 6-7lb.  There are also some bigger Cod starting to show.  Squid bait has proved to be quite productive lately for the Cod.  However, we have also seen some good ones showing using the ‘Mackerel heads and fillets’, which is most unusual while South Coast Winter Cod Fishing on the ground.

South Coast Winter Cod Fishing on Ocean Warrior 3, only costs £55 per person plus any rod/reel hire if required for a day out fishing.

There have also been some nice sized Whiting being caught.  The bigger Cod though seem to be attracted to the cuttlefish bait, which are now beginning to show on the inshore marks.

If you would like more information on South Coast Winter Cod Fishing, check out for more information.

Or, if you fancy a day out for a South Coast Winter Cod Fishing trip, call David on 07966 377145 for more information or to book up your trip.

South East Turbot Fishing



By David Elliott

Ocean Warrior 3 offers some great South East Turbot Fishing.  We fish on the deep water sand banks for Brill and Turbot.  You can have a relaxing days fishing on the drift.

So far this year we have had some nice Turbot showing already.  This is Gary from Brighton of whom had a good day South Coast Turbot fishing with his mates and they caught some nice fish.  The bait we use while fishing for Turbot is fresh Mackerel.  We catch the Mackerel during our South East Turbot fishing trip when we are travelling out.  Sand eels also work well at this time of year.

While we are South Coast Turbot fishing, we drift for quite a long way on the sandy ledges, using an 8oz lead, a sliding boom and we use a 5.0 hook with a fillet of Mackerel.

We have also been catching some Cod and Pollock in the good numbers and the Cod have been reasonable sizes on the wrecks.  There have also been some good sized Black Bream up to 3lb 6oz on the small hooks while anchored to the wrecks.  There have also been plenty of Congers using the flapper baits.

If you fancy a days fishing for Turbot on Ocean Warrior 3 out of the port of Newhaven Marina on the South Coast, this is a good time for this.  Why not check out our website to check out the calendar with available dates.

We will soon be on the winter Cod fishing throughout October so if you fancy a day out fishing for the Cod, check out the dates available.

Sea Fishing off Shoreham


20150513_132851 (281x500)

By David Elliott

Sea fishing off Shoreham for Cod on the wrecks aboard Ocean Warrior 3.  This month has produced some good catches while sea fishing off Shoreham.  Lots of Cod have shown up on the deep water wrecks.  Stuart’s crew had a good trip sea fishing off Shoreham on a deep water wreck.


The biggest Cod of the day was 16lb and was caught on a pirk lure.  They caught a lot of Cod throughout the day while sea fishing off Shoreham.  Not bad, as there were only 3 of them on the boat, plenty of Cod to go round.  The sidewinder lures seem to be the best lures at the moment.


If you are looking to go sea fishing off Shoreham on the South Coast, then check out our main website  Take a look at our latest news pages to see what we have been catching off the South Coast.  Ocean Warrior 3 regularly goes sea fishing off Shoreham, Eastbourne, Newhaven and Brighton.  We fish the deep water wrecks for Cod, Pollock all year round, as long as the weather will allow us to get out there!


If you would like to book up a trip sea fishing off Shoreham, visit to check our available dates on the calendar.

Newhaven Fishing Trips



By David Elliott

The weather has not been great of late for fishing, however, we have managed to get out on some Newhaven Fishing Trips.

Really Wrecked Sea Angling Club came out on a Newhaven Fishing Trip aboard Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3.  ‘Scoop’ had the biggest Pollock of the day with this one at 16lb 4oz.  He caught it on this Newhaven Fishing Trip while fishing offshore on the drift.  He used a sidewinder lure, which the Pollock seem to like.

If you are looking to book up a Newhaven Fishing Trip, then give David a call on 07966 377145 or visit for booking information and dates available on our calendar.

Dates are going very quickly, so get your Newhaven Fishing Trip booked in quickly.

Newhaven Charter Fishing



By David Elliott

Spring is beginning to show and the weather has allowed us to get in some Newhaven charter fishing on the deep water wrecks.

Brentwood SAC had a good day Newhaven charter fishing and had some good sized Pollock.  This one is Mick Toomer with his at 15lb 8oz.

We still have some individual spaces available for next week, so if you fancy coming out on a Newhaven charter fishing trip, call David on 07966 377145.  You can also book up your Newhaven charter fishing trip via the main website which also has all the prices and booking information.



Eastbourne Fishing Trips


20150214_114527 (500x281)

By David Elliott

Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3 has been getting in some Eastbourne fishing trips on the wrecks off the coast of Eastbourne.

Steve Fuzzey from Southend who is a member of Brentwood SAC had this Pollock of 20lb 12oz, which was a new club record.  He caught it on an Eastbourne fishing trip using a ‘rhubarb and custard’ lure on an offshore wreck.

While out on our Eastbourne fishing trips we have been targeting the Eastbourne wrecks which are producing some good sized Pollock.

We are looking forward the Cod starting to show on the wrecks off Eastbourne.  So if you fancy a day out on an Eastbourne fishing trip, call David on 07966 377145 or visit for full booking information and latest catches.

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