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Conger report on Ocean Warrior 3


Don Matthews and his crew went out Conger fishing.  Had a great day with over 40 eels caught. (all were returned to sea alive)

The biggest was caught by Jamie Hancock  at 60lb.  On the day they also caught Cod, Pollack and the Black Bream are just starting to show.  There are also stacks of Mackerel around.

Biggest Ling this year



Steve Garner with his personal best Ling of 26lb 5oz.  Caught on an offshore mark.

Latest News from Ocean Warrior 3


Gavin Eason with his personal best Ling of 21lb, caught offshore .

Brighton Fishing Report on Ocean Warrior 3


The wrecks off Brighton are beginning to produce some Conger Eels now and still getting Cod, Pollack and some Black Bream are starting to show.

This was Phil Pepper’s biggest Bream of the day.

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