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Sea Fishing Trips



By David Elliott

Sea fishing trips aboard the Ocean Warrior 3 during 2012 made quite a memorable year.  The Cod fishing was good and the best Plaice fishing I have ever seen.  Even though we had to cancel a fair few sea fishing trips due to bad weather, we still managed to get our anglers out to do some good trips out sea fishing throughout the year.

Andy Matthews booked up a sea fishing trip and brought his son Jamie out for the day.  They had some really big Cod that day.  Here is a picture of Jamie with his Cod on his first trip out sea fishing.

I cannot wait to get back out in January to those deep sea wrecks on our next sea fishing trip.  We are looking forward to getting those big Cod and Pollack!  So if you fancy a trip out sea fishing, call Dave on 07966 377145 and book up a trip for 2013.


In the meantime, I wish you all a great New Year!


Conger Fishing


Ocean Warrior 3 has been conger fishing off the south coast of sussex for many years now.  We have managed to find some really good conger wrecks offshore. The best  months for Conger fishing on the wrecks are April to November.  When we go offshore wreck fishing we anchor the boat up tide and fish big baits such as mackerel flappers or cuttlefish.  The tackle we use would be 1lb to 2lb lead attached to a boom and snap swivel.  I like to use a trace of 300lb mono with a size 8.0 hook.  The conger can bite very gently or they can just bend the rod straight over, it depends on how hungry they are on the day.  Fishing the deep water wrecks still gets you going even after all the years at it!  My biggest Conger off Newhaven was caught by Andy Matthews back in 2003, and it was a staggering 103lb.  We returned it to sea alive to go and get bigger and we hope to catch it again another day!   I find that even the smaller wrecks out in the English Channel area can hold a lot of eels.  Especially the unchartered wrecks and are in the deep water areas.  When fishing the smaller Conger eels  we normally t-bar them off at the side of the boat. (a t-bar is what we use to turn the hook the opposite way so that the weight of the eel unhooks the fish)  The bigger Conger such as 60lb upwards, we get into the boat using a long net made for eels.  We then photograph the fish, weigh them and then release them unharmed.  If you want to take Conger eels then Ocean Warrior 3 is not your boat as we return them all back to sea, to preserve the stocks of Conger as they give such great sport to anglers.

This is Ryan Matthews when he was just 9 years old with his Dad, Andy Matthews with his own personal best Conger of 79lb, which was only a few pounds short of the junior world record.

If you fancy a days Conger fishing aboard Ocean Warrior 3, call Dave on 07966 377145 or visit my website to view some of my Conger fishing videos.  You can also check us out on youtube under Ocean Warrior 3.

Sussex Charter Boats


We are hoping to get out this weekend to have a look on some deep water wrecks.  We shall see if there are any spratts on the wrecks and hoping for some Cod and Pollack starting to show.  The weather is getting a bit colder which should help this.  We will probably run south west, deep off of Brighton for the Pollack using the gilling teqnique with sidewinder lures.

We are taking bookings for fishing off of the sussex coast for next year – so if you fancy a days fishing in and around the english channel give Dave a call on 07966 377145.

South Coast Wrecks


Ocean Warrior 3 enjoys fishing the wrecks off the south coast.  One wreck in particular is the ‘Mira’, which is a big wreck that lies off of the south coast of Newhaven.  She is a British oil tanker which was built in 1901 and was sunk by a mine on October 11th 1917.  She was laden with fuel and weighed 3,700 ton.  During the summer months Ocean Warrior 3 likes fishing this wreck for big Bass by drifting over the wreck with lures.  When the tide is in full flow, she throws up a large boil and a big scour on the east side of the wreck.  The wreck lies on her starboard side and is 345ft long with a beam of 47ft.  It is also a popular dive site and a good Bass wreck. This is just one of the thousands of wrecks to fish throughout the English Channel, especially in the Newhaven area.


If you fancy joining us for a day out wreck fishing, check out my website for more information.

South Coast Fishing


These are the lures that we will be using on the deep water wrecks off the south coast.  We will be drifting the wrecks, fishing for big Cod and Pollack.

If you fancy a days deep sea wreck fishing aboard Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3, give Dave a call on 07966 377145.  Rod/reel hire is also available if needed.  Check out for more information and latest dates available.

English Channel Wreck Fishing for Pollack


There are some cracking big Pollack which run up the English Channel, which makes great wreck fishing.

Ocean Warrior 3 finds that January, February and March are the prime time on the deep water wrecks.  We catch these hard fighting big Pollack using the ‘gilling’ technique and using rhubarb and custard or blue sidewinder lures.  We find that the Pollack tend to swim high above the wreck (30 to 50) turns above the wreckage.

If you fancy a days Pollack fishing off the south coast of Newhaven - give Dave a call on 07966 377145 as we are booking up for next year already!

Sussex Angling Trips


Still catching some nice Cod on the Sussex Coast off Newhaven Marina.  We had some nice double figured Cod last weekend along with some big Whiting.

The weather has now started to get colder and we are just starting to see the bigger Cod showing.

If you fancy a trip aboard Newhaven Ocean Warrior 3, give Dave a call on 07966 377145.

Eastbourne Cod Fishing


Steve Latham had a good days fishing with some good weather.  He caught this 16lb Cod caught using luggworm and squid while inshore fishing.  Steve is a regular angler aboard Ocean Warrior 3 and has been for several years and has had some really good double figured Cod over the last couple of months.


We still have some spaces available over the Christmas period – for more information visit or call Dave on 07966 377145

Eastbourne Wreck Fishing


Here is Chalky with a 28lb, caught in February.  It was caught on a wreck off of Eastbourne, while fishing with a sidewinder lure.

We will start looking for the big Cod in mid January and this will continue through February and March.

We are taking bookings for next year and we still have some spaces left during the Christmas and New Year period.  If you fancy a days fishing, call Dave on 07966 377145.

English Channel Cod Fishing


Mick Cox caught a nice Cod of 27lb, while fishing out of Newhaven Marina off the South Coast of Sussex.  He was fishing aboard the charter boat Ocean Warrior 3.  Mick caught this big Cod while at anchor to a mid-channel wreck which was torpedoed and sank in the secord world war.  This wreck holds some really big Cod at certain times of the year and we fish it at anchor using cuttlefish as bait.  There are hundreds of wrecks that we fish throughout the English Channel.  If you fancy a days Cod fishing on Ocean Warrior 3 give Dave a call on 07966 377145.

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