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Sea Fishing Eastbourne


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By David Elliott

Sea fishing Eastbourne on the deep water wrecks can produce some big Cod and Pollack, while on the drift using lures.  Ocean Warrior 3 is based in Newhaven and can take you to the wrecks off the coast of Eastbourne for a sea fishing Eastbourne wrecking experience.

Neil from Hammersmith came out on a sea fishing Eastbourne trip and caught this cracking Bass of 8lb, caught on a red gill lure while drifting over a wreck.  He also caught a John Dory of around 3 to 4lb, which is an unusual fish to catch as we do not see very many of them these days.

So if you are looking to go sea fishing off the south coast, try Ocean Warrior 3 for your sea fishing Eastbourne trip.

We can also help you with rod/reel hire and tackle if needed.  We can also provide tuition for the those who have not been fishing before so they can enjoy their sea fishing Eastbourne wrecking trip.

We have spaces available for full/part bookings, individuals and also corporate events.  Check out our calendar or visit us on facebook under ‘Ocean Warrior 3′.

South Coast Sea Angling



by David Elliott

South coast sea angling on a deep sea wreck off of Newhaven, East Sussex.  Ocean Warrior 3 has been catching some nice Pollack and Cod while out on some good south coast sea angling trips.  This is Simon with a 16lb Pollack that he caught while fishing with a south coast sea angling club.  This Pollack gave him a good fight, which made good sport on light tackle using a red gill lure.  These hard fighting Pollack can be caught between 20 and 50 turns in the area around the wreck.  This one was actually caught about 20 turns right above the main part of the wreckage.

Simon is a regular angler aboard Ocean Warrior 3 and has caught some big Cod and Pollack on his south coast sea angling trips over the years.  February and March are two of the best months to go for a south coast sea angling experience and catch a big Cod or Pollack.

Call Dave on 07966 377145 if you would like to book up a south coast sea angling trip.  We cater for individuals, part/full boat bookings, corporate days out or stag trips.  Tuition is also available for any anglers who have not experienced a south coast sea angling trip before.  Rod and Reel hire is also available if required.  Newhaven Marina also provides free parking, a local convenience shop and a cafe if you would like a breakfast before you go out on your south coast sea angling trip.

Mid Channel Wreck Fishing



By David Elliott

Mid channel wreck fishing off Newhaven has been producing some big Pollack and Cod out on the deep mid channel wreck fishing trips aboard Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3.

Here is ‘Basher’ with  afine Pollack that he caught while out on a mid channel wreck fishing trip.  Basher caught the Pollack using  a sidewinder lure by using the ‘gilling’ technique while drifting over a World War wreck off the south coast.

Mid channel wreck fishing is at its best through the months of January to March.  This is when the big Cod and Pollack run through the English Channel.

So if you are looking for a mid channel wreck fishing trip off the south coast of Newhaven, give the skipper, David Elliott a call on 07966 377145.

We cater for individuals or part/full boat bookings for up to 10 people.  We also have rod/reel hire available along with tackle and tuition to help if you haven’t been out on a mid channel wreck fishing trip before.  Newhaven Marina also has free parking, a local convenience shop and a cafe if you fancy breakfast before you go out fishing.


Brighton Fishing



By David Elliott

Brighton fishing for Pollack on the deep water wrecks.  Ocean Warrior 3 has started to go wrecking.  On a Brighton fishing mark, which we fish a lot when we are fishing off of Brighton Philip Pepper from Really Wrecked SAC caught some nice double figured Pollack using red gill lures.

We caught 15 Pollack throughout the day and that should only get better on the Brighton fishing marks.  February is one of the best times for some big catches, so if you are looking for a great days fishing on the Brighton fishing marks call David Elliott on 07966 377145.

Charter a fishing boat



Charter a fishing boat from Newhaven Marina.

Ocean Warrior 3 can help you if you are looking to charter a fishing boat to go out and catch some great Cod, Pollack, Bass and catching Conger is what we do best.  Angler John White from Sussex rang to charter a fishing boat and came out with us on Ocean Warrior 3.  He caught two nice Bass, along with some big Pollack on the day when using red gills while wreck fishing.  Bass are a very hard fighting fish and are not easy to catch.  Live bait such as a mackerel or sand eels are best on a long flowing trace with a treble hook.

So if you are thinking how to charter a fishing boat then call David Elliott on 07966 377145 as it is a great day out.

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