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Sea fishing for Plaice – on Ocean Warrior 3



By David Elliott

Sea fishing for Plaice on Ocean Warrior 3 is a nice relaxing days sea fishing.  Sea Fishing for Plaice has started really early this year as we have been catching some nice Plaice already inshore.

Sea fishing for Plaice is a great option if the wrecks slow up or the weather will not let us get out to deeper waters.  We also catch Dabs and Bass with the chance of catching a Turbot or Brill.  The bait that we use for a sea fishing for Plaice trip would be luggworm tipped with squid and ragworm can also work on the day.  When you are sea fishing for Plaice you could always use coloured beads up the line or a spoon as an attachment.

So if you would like a nice day sea fishing for Plaice on the Ocean Warrior 3 off the south coast of Newhaven, call David Elliott the skipper to book yourself in for a sea fishing for Plaice trip on 07966 377145.

Ocean Warrior 3 in latest DVD



By David Elliott

No fishing – just drug running!  Ocean Warrior 3 was lucky enough to be used for the new ‘The fall of the Essex Boys’ DVD.

Check it out – some good footage and good film.


Sea Fishing News Report



by David Elliott

Sea fishing news report from Ocean Warrior 3.

We are now catching big Cods in the English Channel off Newhaven and Eastbourne.  Dave on Ocean Warrior 3 likes to do a sea fishing news report every 2 weeks or so to let his anglers know how its fishing out there.  At the moment the sea fishing news report is good with some big cods moving in.  The biggest this week was a 21lb from the Essex boys which was caught on a big shad lure.  It was an individuals day and everyone caught a nice Cod or Pollack to take home.

The weather was not too bad and we are looking forward to getting back out there for those big Cod soon.  I will do another sea fishing news report as soon as I get back out on those deep water wrecks.

If you fancy a day out sea fishing off the south coast of Newhaven, give Dave a call on 07966 377145.

Plaice Fishing



By David Elliott

Plaice fishing on the south coast of Newhaven can offer some excellent fishing off the musselbeds.  Last year (2012)  was Ocean Warrior 3′s best year by far for Plaice fishing inshore.  We find that the best way to maximise your Plaice fishing is to use fresh luggworm tipped with squid as a bait.  On the tackle side, we find that using different coloured beads or a spoon above the hook works well.  Also, some people like to use a 2 hook rig or a wishbone while Plaice fishing.  Here is Steve with his at 4lb, caught while Plaice fishing off of Newhaven.

We have found that Turbot and Brill can also be caught on the sandbanks while out Plaice fishing.  We would normally use a larger hook for these fish and a strip of fresh Mackerel works best for the Turbot and Brill.

Plaice fishing can provide an alternative to deep water wreck fishing as there are a variety of flat fish that can be caught and they are nice to eat too.  They can be good fun to catch on light tackle while on the drift and provide you with a pleasant day out.

Lets hope that the Plaice fishing is as good this year on the Ocean Warrior 3 based on the south coast.

Sea Fishing Brighton



by David Elliott

Sea fishing Brighton goes out on the deep water wrecks.  We are catching some big Pollack at the moment using the sidewinder lures.  Ocean Warrior 3 can offer you a sea fishing Brighton trip, fishing the wrecks off the south coast of Brighton.  Dennis from Burgess Hill went out on a sea fishing Brighton trip and caught this cracking Pollack of 18lb, which is his biggest Pollack to date.  There are also some big Cod showing out on the sea fishing Brighton wrecks this month.

Ocean Warrior 3 is based in Newhaven Marina and aswell as offering sea fishing Brighton trips also fishes wrecks down the east for big Cod and Pollack.

So if you are looking to charter a boat for your sea fishing Brighton wrecking trip, call Dave on 07966 377145 to get booked in.

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