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David Elliott is the Skipper/Owner of the renowned Ocean Warrior III. He holds a Yacht Masters Offshore Powerboat qualification which has been commercially endorsed.

Dave fishes the wrecks daily and he knows how the wrecks or ground fish change from month to month.

He will help his anglers to improve their fishing skills and hopefully also their catch rates.

If you require any further information or if you would like to make a booking, please call David on the boat on 07966 377145, or click our contact link to make a booking.


  • Chris Edwards (6 years)

    Hi Dave

    We are a tackle shop based in Bristol and we are currently looking to increase promotion in our lure fishing part of our website (www.vealsfishingtackle.com)
    We were wondering if we could perhaps have a link placed on your site going to ours. In return we are happy for you to perhaps write a short article about your website for on our ‘Veals blog’ with a link to your site.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Kind Regards,

  • Brian Christenson (6 years)

    Sea fishing from Dave Elliotts boat named Warrior III has always been an exciting day out. Whether its a trip to the inshore marks when the weather is too bad to venture further out, or to the off shore deep water wrecks in calmer weather, the experience is always enjoyable.
    As a skipper Dave Elliott knows how to retain his clientele with good fishing locations (moving from one spot to another until he finds the target) this is always good value for the money, plus plenty of tea and coffee,
    Well done Dave, keep it up.

    • admin (6 years)

      Thanks Brian for your comments, it is really appreciated.
      It is always a pleasure to take you out and look forward to seeing you on your next trip.
      Kind regards, Dave

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