Wreck Fishing

We specialise in wreck fishing, which is probably the most exciting. There are thousands of wrecks throughout the English Channel, which mainly came from the two world wars. There are submarines, small planes and big cargo ships which can vary in sizes from 30 ft to 600 ft long and they can all hold fish at certain times of the year.

The smaller fish such as sprats tend to be over the wrecks attracting the larger fish such as; Pollack up to 20 lb which often feed higher above the wreck along with Cod, which can feed on the bottom and all around the wrecks. Our most sought after fishing is for the Conger Eel, they mainly live inside the wrecks and can grow to over 100 lb in weight, which gives great sport fishing. When we catch them, we would almost always take a photograph and then return the eel alive to preserve the levels of eels.

There are many ways to catch fish over wrecks. Our most popular way is to drift with the tide, using either pierces or gilling techniques. We would normally look to catch Cod, Pollack, Ling and Bass during the months of January to September. When drifting wrecks we would use a 20 lb to 30lb class rod and reel, which is lighter gear.

Another way is to drop the anchor up tide of the wreck and fish mackerel flappers and cuttlefish baits into the wreckage. This way we would look to catch Conger eel, Cod, Pollack, Black Bream and Ling during the months of April to November. When anchoring wrecks we would use 30 lb to 50 lb class rod with a stronger reel, especially for the larger Conger eel, which can give a good fight.

This is when wreck fishing would normally slow up and we would look to move to winter Cod fishing inshore.

Ocean Warrior III is fitted with the latest technology for finding wrecks. We use GPS for pin point accuracy along with the experience of the skipper to put the boat in the right position when fishing a wreck.

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  • George Reynolds (8 years)

    I have fished on Ocean Warrior 3 out of Newhaven Marina before. We caught a lot of cod and pollack around February time and had a great day. Have got another trip booked up for next year already. Look forward to seeing you then Dave. Regards George

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