Cod Fishing


Wreck fishing for Cod is between January to September each year.

Cod seem to be the most fish an angler likes to catch and there are three main ways to catch them; if you are drifting over a wreck you can use a ‘pirk’ and cod feathers above the pirk.

Also, if you are drifting you can use a ‘gill’ with an 8 to 10oz lead weight connected to a boom with a long flowing trace (8 to 15ft) with a swivel and then your chosen lure (you can use red-gills, shads and the latest type of lure are sidewinders) which all come in various sizes.

Anchoring up tide of a wreck is the other option, which we would normally start doing in April. With anchoring you would use baits such as cuttlefish, squid or mackerel flappers.

Aboard Ocean Warrior 3 the Cod range from 3lb to 20lb are quite common, with the odd 30lb. However, the UK record Cod is 58lb 6oz, so there is always a chance to catch a bigger one!

Rod and reels we would use would be 20 to 30lb class gear so you have the maximum sport when catching one.


There is also ‘winter Cod fishing’, which takes place between October and January on the inshore fishing marks.

The bait we would normally use and are the most popular are squid and worm using a ‘penel rig’. Although, cuttlefish can also find those big Cod. This is a great time and an easy way to fish in the winter months.

There is still a good chance of a 20 or 30lb Cod being caught at this time of year!

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