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Brighton Marina Sea Fishing Report



By David Elliott


The latest Brighton Marina Sea Fishing Report from Ocean Warrior 3.

The weather has been great for fishing and Brian and his crew came out on a Brighton Marina Sea Fishing Trip to make the most of it.

They had a good day on the Turbot fishing of the South Coast.

They caught 30 Turbot on the day and these were caught using Mackerel Bait.


There are also Cod and Pollock showing on the wrecks along the odd Conger.  Although the Mackerel are a little harder to catch at the moment, this should get better.

If you would like to add to our Brighton Marina Sea Fishing Reports, book up a trip, call David on 07966 377145 or visit our website for more information.



Sea Fishing Trips out of Brighton Marina on Ocean Warrior 3



By David Elliott


Mick Tomber from Brentwood SAC with a nice double shot of Turbot, while out on one of our sea fishing trips out of Brighton Marina on Ocean Warrior 3.


This month has shown plenty of Turbot showing along with a few Brill and some Undulate Rays.  The odd Bull Huss and Mackerel are also showing now while out on our sea fishing trips out of Brighton Marina on Ocean Warrior 3.


There are also some Plaice while inshore sea fishing out of Brighton Marina.


If you fancy coming out on one of our sea fishing trips out of Brighton Marina on Ocean Warrior 3 give David a call on 07966 377145.  You can also check out our calendar on for availability.  You can also follow us on Facebook ‘Brighton Marina Ocean Warrior 3′ to see some our latest catches and last minute spaces.


Pollock fishing off Brighton on Ocean Warrior 3




By David Elliott


We haven’t manged to get out too much lately due to the weather.
Now that we have now managed to get the odd day out, there have been some good Pollock on the deep water wrecks, well offshore off  Brighton.


John White from Shoreham caught a nice Pollock of 15lb 8 oz. It was caught on a sidewinder lure while Pollock fishing off Brighton on Ocean Warrior 3.


Lee also had an individual space for Pollock fishing off Brighton on Ocean Warrior 3 this month.

He had some nice sized Pollock of which the biggest one of the day was 14lb.  We had around 35 Pollock that day while Pollock fishing off Brighton on Ocean Warrior 3.


Yank had a nice double sized Pollock while offshore fishing off Brighton on Ocean Warrior 3.

We were offshore drifting and it was caught on a lure on the wrecks off the South Coast.  This was Yank’s first trip of the year. He decided to bring along his Son who also enjoyed his day Pollock fishing off Brighton on Ocean Warrior 3.


John White also came for another day of Pollock  fishing off Brighton on Ocean Warrior 3 the following week hoping to catch some more Pollock!  He wasn’t disappointed as they had some nice fish up to around 14lb.


Colin came out for his fist trip of the year  to go Pollock fishing off Brighton on Ocean Warrior 3.  He caught a nice sized Pollock of 15lb on a lure while drifting over a Brighton deep sea wreck.


If  you are looking for a day of Pollock fishing trip off the coast of Brighton on the deep water wrecks,  call Dave on 07966 377145 to book up your space/spaces to try and catch some of these Pollock!!


Brighton Sea Fishing Trips



By David Elliott


Brighton sea fishing trips off the South Coast are available aboard Ocean Warrior 3.  We can offer you some great fishing on the Brighton wrecks or on the inshore banks and mussel-beds.


Ocean Warrior 3 is moored in Newhaven Marina, nr Brighton on the South Coast.  We fish off the South Coast and throughout the English Channel on a daily basis and can offer Brighton sea fishing trips in the coastal waters off of Sussex.  Brighton sea fishing trips are available all year around.


We are currently fishing the offshore wrecks between Newhaven and Brighton at the present time for Cod, Pollock and Conger eels.


Coming up in the autumn will be our winter Cod fishing trips, book up early to get your trip booked in.  Through October to January we will be fishing on the rough ground off of Brighton for those big Cod.  Brighton sea fishing trips can also supply rod/reel and tackle for your days fishing. We welcome all types of anglers and welcome full party bookings, corporate trips or individual spaces are also available.


If you fancy a day out fishing off of the South Coast of Brighton, visit our website for latest news, calendar and booking information.

Brighton Fishing



By David Elliott

Brighton fishing for Pollack on the deep water wrecks.  Ocean Warrior 3 has started to go wrecking.  On a Brighton fishing mark, which we fish a lot when we are fishing off of Brighton Philip Pepper from Really Wrecked SAC caught some nice double figured Pollack using red gill lures.

We caught 15 Pollack throughout the day and that should only get better on the Brighton fishing marks.  February is one of the best times for some big catches, so if you are looking for a great days fishing on the Brighton fishing marks call David Elliott on 07966 377145.

South Coast Wrecks


Ocean Warrior 3 enjoys fishing the wrecks off the south coast.  One wreck in particular is the ‘Mira’, which is a big wreck that lies off of the south coast of Newhaven.  She is a British oil tanker which was built in 1901 and was sunk by a mine on October 11th 1917.  She was laden with fuel and weighed 3,700 ton.  During the summer months Ocean Warrior 3 likes fishing this wreck for big Bass by drifting over the wreck with lures.  When the tide is in full flow, she throws up a large boil and a big scour on the east side of the wreck.  The wreck lies on her starboard side and is 345ft long with a beam of 47ft.  It is also a popular dive site and a good Bass wreck. This is just one of the thousands of wrecks to fish throughout the English Channel, especially in the Newhaven area.


If you fancy joining us for a day out wreck fishing, check out my website for more information.

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