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Sussex Sea Fishing Trips



By David Elliott


Ocean Warrior 3 specialises in Sussex sea fishing trips off the south coast.  During some of our Sussex sea fishing trips, we enjoy targeting the Conger eels on the wrecks off Newhaven. Ocean Warrior 3 is based in Newhaven Marina on the South Coast.

Don and Andy Matthews had booked up 2 Sussex sea fishing trips.  They wanted to fish for Conger on these trips, so we concentrated on the offshore wrecks. The biggest Conger eel over the 2 days was caught by Andy and weighed in at 83lb 6oz. This is Ocean Warrior 3’s biggest eel this year, so far… (although, it is not Andy’s biggest, as he had 103lb Conger eel on our previous boat Ocean Warrior 2 in 2003!)


During their Sussex sea fishing trip, Mick Cox had the next biggest Conger eel of 65lb, which is the biggest Conger eel Mick has ever caught. The Conger eels were caught using Mackerel flappers and cuttlefish baits, using a 300lb monotrace and 8/0 hooks.


Andy and Don had a couple of nice eels up at the same time on one of the days during their Sussex sea fishing trips and both eels were over 50lb. During their 2 days of Sussex sea fishing trips, they caught 100 eels up to 83lb. They had a great couple of days and it was great sport fishing. All Congers were returned alive so that other Conger anglers can also have some good sport during their own Sussex sea fishing trips and it helps to promote the conservation of the Conger eels in the waters off the South Coast. The Conger eels can only get bigger by putting them back and it is always better for the future of Conger eel fishing.


We also caught some nice Black Bream to 4lb and also a few Cod on the Cuttlefish along with a good sized Ling on a Mackerel flapper.

We are now taking bookings for 2015, so if you are looking to book up a Sussex sea fishing trip, call David Elliott on 07966 377145 to make sure you get the perfect tide to fish for these Conger eels.


Conger Fishing


Ocean Warrior 3 has been conger fishing off the south coast of sussex for many years now.  We have managed to find some really good conger wrecks offshore. The best  months for Conger fishing on the wrecks are April to November.  When we go offshore wreck fishing we anchor the boat up tide and fish big baits such as mackerel flappers or cuttlefish.  The tackle we use would be 1lb to 2lb lead attached to a boom and snap swivel.  I like to use a trace of 300lb mono with a size 8.0 hook.  The conger can bite very gently or they can just bend the rod straight over, it depends on how hungry they are on the day.  Fishing the deep water wrecks still gets you going even after all the years at it!  My biggest Conger off Newhaven was caught by Andy Matthews back in 2003, and it was a staggering 103lb.  We returned it to sea alive to go and get bigger and we hope to catch it again another day!   I find that even the smaller wrecks out in the English Channel area can hold a lot of eels.  Especially the unchartered wrecks and are in the deep water areas.  When fishing the smaller Conger eels  we normally t-bar them off at the side of the boat. (a t-bar is what we use to turn the hook the opposite way so that the weight of the eel unhooks the fish)  The bigger Conger such as 60lb upwards, we get into the boat using a long net made for eels.  We then photograph the fish, weigh them and then release them unharmed.  If you want to take Conger eels then Ocean Warrior 3 is not your boat as we return them all back to sea, to preserve the stocks of Conger as they give such great sport to anglers.

This is Ryan Matthews when he was just 9 years old with his Dad, Andy Matthews with his own personal best Conger of 79lb, which was only a few pounds short of the junior world record.

If you fancy a days Conger fishing aboard Ocean Warrior 3, call Dave on 07966 377145 or visit my website to view some of my Conger fishing videos.  You can also check us out on youtube under Ocean Warrior 3.

Newhaven Marina Port Record Conger


Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3 biggest Conger of 103lb (and Newhavens biggest eel) was caught by Andy Matthews back in August 2003.

It was caught on an offshore wreck fishing mark.  Andy caught this massive Conger on a 30lb class rod using 30lb braided line.   It was weighed and photographed and the best bit of this is that Andy put the Conger back alive.  Ocean Warrior has had great pleasure in returning all our congers back to sea alive to preserve the stocks and to give more great fishing to other anglers.  I wonder how big this eel is now…..

Newhaven Marina Fishing News Report


Don and Andy Matthews crew with a good days Congering on board Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3 in the summer with 60 Conger up to 65lb.  They were all caught using mackerel flappers and cuttlefish baits on a deep offshore wreck off of Newhaven.  Totally awesome days conger fishing – this was the best conger trip this year.

Big Conger caught on the ground off Newhaven


Andrew Barker from Essex caught a Conger Eel which weighed 66lb.  He was fishing aboard Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3 on an inshore mark, he was lucky to get it up as he was using 30lb line with a 15lb trace line and a size 2.0 hook, while using a little bit of squid bait!!  It must have took at least 15 minutes to get the Conger up after a real battle and taking a lot of line in the shallow water and he was using such light tackle.  We weighed the Conger and took a photo and returned it to sea alive.  I think it was a great achievement to get this eel up on such light gear.

Conger report on Ocean Warrior 3


Don Matthews and his crew went out Conger fishing.  Had a great day with over 40 eels caught. (all were returned to sea alive)

The biggest was caught by Jamie Hancock  at 60lb.  On the day they also caught Cod, Pollack and the Black Bream are just starting to show.  There are also stacks of Mackerel around.

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