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Sussex Angling Trips


Still catching some nice Cod on the Sussex Coast off Newhaven Marina.  We had some nice double figured Cod last weekend along with some big Whiting.

The weather has now started to get colder and we are just starting to see the bigger Cod showing.

If you fancy a trip aboard Newhaven Ocean Warrior 3, give Dave a call on 07966 377145.

Eastbourne Cod Fishing


Steve Latham had a good days fishing with some good weather.  He caught this 16lb Cod caught using luggworm and squid while inshore fishing.  Steve is a regular angler aboard Ocean Warrior 3 and has been for several years and has had some really good double figured Cod over the last couple of months.


We still have some spaces available over the Christmas period – for more information visit or call Dave on 07966 377145

Sussex Sea Fishing


Steve Shoreland’s crew came to try out sussex sea fishing aboard Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3.  They caught this Cod of 13lb 9oz using a cuttlefish bait.  It was his first time sea fishing and had hired a rod and reel to catch this good fish.  They had 9 Cod on the day with plenty of Whiting.  Good enjoyable day all round.

Have a couple of spaces available this Friday – if anyone fancies a days Cod fishing call Dave on 07966 377145.

Big Conger caught on the ground off Newhaven


Andrew Barker from Essex caught a Conger Eel which weighed 66lb.  He was fishing aboard Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3 on an inshore mark, he was lucky to get it up as he was using 30lb line with a 15lb trace line and a size 2.0 hook, while using a little bit of squid bait!!  It must have took at least 15 minutes to get the Conger up after a real battle and taking a lot of line in the shallow water and he was using such light tackle.  We weighed the Conger and took a photo and returned it to sea alive.  I think it was a great achievement to get this eel up on such light gear.

Newhaven Ocean Warrior 3 Sea Fishing Dates


Ocean Warrior 3 has dates available for inshore Cod fishing on the Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th November.

If you fancy a days Cod fishing – we have been catching them on squid and worm and the bigger ones have been taking cuttlefish.

We have had some nice Cod over the weekend along with plenty of Whiting.

Call Dave on 07966 377145 or visit for more info.


We are also now taking bookings for 2013….

Eastbourne Sea Fishing News Report from Ocean Warrior 3


Nick Coster with his Cod of 15lb, this was his biggest of the day.

Ocean Warrior 3 has been inshore fishing off the coast of Eastbourne.  Cod are showing well and most are good double figures.  There are also plenty of good sized Whiting to take home as well.

We still have some individual spaces available for mid-week trips if you fancy a good days fishing give Dave a call on 07966 377145.

We are also now taking bookings for 2013 with only a few weekend dates left – so book early so that you are not disappointed…

Newhaven Cod fishing news report


Steve Latham with a 14lb Cod, caught on the rough ground off of Newhaven.  He used worm and squid bait.

There have also been some good sized Whiting showing.

Brighton Charter Fishing Cod Report


Winter Cod are starting to show in numbers.

Stuart Cross has had the biggest one so far with his at 16lb 6oz, caught on squid. There are also some nice sized Whiting showing aswell.

If you fancy a days inshore Cod fishing – call Dave on 07966 377145

South Coast Cod Fishing News


Malcolm Wright from Essex had 2 nice Cod, one at 13lb 9oz and the other was a 14lb 9oz.  They were caught using luggworm and squid cocktail bait, while fishing off the coast of Newhaven on the rough ground.

The crew also had some nice sized Whiting to take home.

The Cod fishing is good at this time off year off the soath coast and normally gets better at the end of November going into December, when the weather gets colder.  Although October has started well with some decent sized doubles already.

We have some spaces coming up during the week aboard Ocean Warrior 3, which is moored in Newhaven Marina, East Sussex.  For more information visit or call Dave on 07966 377145.

Starting the Winter Cod fishing


Alfie’s crew had day inshore Cod fishing on the open ground aboard Ocean Warrior 3.  They had a few Cod, the biggest was 15lb caught on Lugg and Squid.  There were also plenty of good sized Whiting showing.

It looks like they are showing early this year as it is not even October yet.  Fishing should only get better as the weather gets colder.

If you fancy a days Cod fishing it costs around £50 per person – call Dave on 07966 377145 to book up! Individuals or full boat bookings welcome.

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