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Newhaven Fishing Trips



By David Elliott

The weather has not been great of late for fishing, however, we have managed to get out on some Newhaven Fishing Trips.

Really Wrecked Sea Angling Club came out on a Newhaven Fishing Trip aboard Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3.  ‘Scoop’ had the biggest Pollock of the day with this one at 16lb 4oz.  He caught it on this Newhaven Fishing Trip while fishing offshore on the drift.  He used a sidewinder lure, which the Pollock seem to like.

If you are looking to book up a Newhaven Fishing Trip, then give David a call on 07966 377145 or visit for booking information and dates available on our calendar.

Dates are going very quickly, so get your Newhaven Fishing Trip booked in quickly.

South Coast Fishing


These are the lures that we will be using on the deep water wrecks off the south coast.  We will be drifting the wrecks, fishing for big Cod and Pollack.

If you fancy a days deep sea wreck fishing aboard Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3, give Dave a call on 07966 377145.  Rod/reel hire is also available if needed.  Check out for more information and latest dates available.

Sussex Angling Trips


Still catching some nice Cod on the Sussex Coast off Newhaven Marina.  We had some nice double figured Cod last weekend along with some big Whiting.

The weather has now started to get colder and we are just starting to see the bigger Cod showing.

If you fancy a trip aboard Newhaven Ocean Warrior 3, give Dave a call on 07966 377145.

Newhaven Marina Pollack Fishing


Rab with a nice double figured Pollack, caught aboard Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3 off the sussex coast.

We were fishing offshore and drifting over a wreck using the gilling method, with a sidewinder lure.  This sort of wreck fishing will start in the middle of January when we start running offshore to find the spratts over the wrecks.  They are then followed by the Cod and Pollack feeding off them.

If you fancy booking up a days wreck fishing from mid January call Dave on 07966 377145.  Check out my latest news page on

Big Sea in Newhaven Marina


The winds are starting to kick up tonight, blowing 56mph at the Greenwich (southerly).  The worst direction for Ocean Warrior 3 as it is blowing straight down the entrance.

The wave monitor outside the arm is already reaching 5.3m – its a big sea.  Here we go again – the winter gales have arrived, here’s hoping it dies down for the weekend!!!


Newhaven Marina Christmas Fishing Dates


Newhaven Marina’s Ocean Warrior 3 will be staying in the water all though the Christmas holidays this year.

If you fancy a days Cod fishing, or if you fancy taking someone fishing to catch a big Christmas Cod – we are open for business.  We will be fishing off the sussex coast out of Newhaven Marina over the Christmas and New Year period.

So, if you want to come for a day out to catch a big Cod, we also have rod/reels and end tackle if needed – just turn up and fish…..  All types of anglers are welcome and we also provide tuition for those who haven’t fished before.  Newhaven Marina also provides a cafe and a tackle shop near the boat.

You can book by email or by phone – just visit the booking page on or call Dave on 07966 377145.

Newhaven Fishing News


We are still catching some nice Cod on the inshore ground marks off the sussex coast out of Newhaven.  This week we have been catching the Cod on smaller baits with worm and squid.  The big baits of cuttle haven’t seemed to have been working this week.  There are also lots of Whiting around, they seem to have got much bigger this week and have them to over 2lb, which are a nice eating size.  The weather has been a bit kinder to us this week, but still waiting for it to get colder to hopefully see the bigger Cod showing once the temperature drops.

It won’t be long before we are back on the offshore wrecks of Sussex out of Newhaven to catch the bigger Cod and Pollack on the drift with lures.

We still have some spaces left for this year and are taking bookings for 2013, so if you fancy a trip contact Dave on 07966 377145.

Newhaven Marina Port Record Conger


Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3 biggest Conger of 103lb (and Newhavens biggest eel) was caught by Andy Matthews back in August 2003.

It was caught on an offshore wreck fishing mark.  Andy caught this massive Conger on a 30lb class rod using 30lb braided line.   It was weighed and photographed and the best bit of this is that Andy put the Conger back alive.  Ocean Warrior has had great pleasure in returning all our congers back to sea alive to preserve the stocks and to give more great fishing to other anglers.  I wonder how big this eel is now…..

Newhaven Marina Fishing News Report


Don and Andy Matthews crew with a good days Congering on board Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3 in the summer with 60 Conger up to 65lb.  They were all caught using mackerel flappers and cuttlefish baits on a deep offshore wreck off of Newhaven.  Totally awesome days conger fishing – this was the best conger trip this year.

Big Conger caught on the ground off Newhaven


Andrew Barker from Essex caught a Conger Eel which weighed 66lb.  He was fishing aboard Newhavens Ocean Warrior 3 on an inshore mark, he was lucky to get it up as he was using 30lb line with a 15lb trace line and a size 2.0 hook, while using a little bit of squid bait!!  It must have took at least 15 minutes to get the Conger up after a real battle and taking a lot of line in the shallow water and he was using such light tackle.  We weighed the Conger and took a photo and returned it to sea alive.  I think it was a great achievement to get this eel up on such light gear.

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