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Pollock fishing off the South Coast





By David Elliott

We manage to get some good weather this week and had a cracking time with some good sized Pollock showing.

3 anglers booked up a Pollock fishing on Ocean Warrior 3 for a day’s wreck fishing.

They had a good day on the Pollock as it was their first time wreck fishing. They managed to catch over 20 Pollock on the day, with some nice double figured fish. They were gilling over a deep sea wrecks, using sidewinder lures.

If you want to book up a Pollock fishing on Ocean Warrior 3 off the South Coast, give David a call on 07966 377145.

Sea fishing – South Coast



By David Elliott

Sea fishing – South Coast aboard Newhaven Marina’s Ocean Warrior 3.  We offer some great Pollock sea fishing – South Coast trips on the deep water wrecks throughout the English Channel.

Sea fishing – South Coast for Pollock can be a cracking day out as these fish offer a great fight for the anglers.  Neil Whicker and crew went out for a sea fishing – south coast trip and had a really enjoyable day.  He caught 11 big Pollock and his biggest was 15lb 12oz.  Everyone had some nice big Pollock to take home – which was great to see.

We have noticed that while sea fishing – South Coast for Pollock over the last few weeks, they are fishing really well at the moment on the deep sea wrecks.  Ocean Warrior 3 is expecting some big Cod to turn up soon, so keep an eye on my blog for the latest updates on the sea fishing – South Coast area.

If you fancy a day out to catch some big Pollock or for the Cod soon to arrive on a sea fishing – South Coast trip, give David Elliott a call on 07966 377145 or visit the website

Wreck Fishing – for Pollock



By David Elliott

Wreck fishing – for Pollock on Ocean Warrior 3 out of Newhaven, East Sussex.

We have been out wreck fishing – for Pollock this week on the deep water wrecks.  The biggest Pollock this week went to Don Matthews from Fareham with a 17lb 3oz.  Don caught this while we were drifting on his wreck fishing – for Pollock trip using a white shad.

We have found this week while Pollock fishing that they are very high in the water above the wrecks.  Don has been wreck fishing – for Pollock for years and still enjoys his offshore wreck fishing trips.

If you are looking to go out on a wreck fishing trip off the south coast of Newhaven call David Elliott on 07966 377145 and book up your wreck fishing – for Pollock experience aboard Ocean Warrior 3.

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